The Darph

Copyright and Licensing Policy

As a leftist artist I believe that others should have the right to to use and repurpose my work for the purpose of creating derivative works from this art, for critique, study, and most other purposes commercial or not. That said (and as the meme goes), we live in a society. That means I have to balance my desire to share as much of my work as possible against the need to protect my identity as an artist and any revenue streams I happen to have.

The purpose of this document is to outline my intent and outline my wishes for how one may use my work.

The Short Version

You cannot use any of my work to impersonate me. Do not take my work and sell it without making any modifications that would transform it. I may publish content to third party platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and others through a distributor or on my own. If you use my work in your own project and that third party penalizes you with, for example, a copyright strike or removal of the content from their platform, my options for helping you are limited as these platforms have their own TOS. Please contact me on Twitter @the_darph or send an email to bill at thedarph dot com (format as email address, I have to obscure it due to spammers). If I'm able to intervene and help I will.

That said, there's a whole hell of a lot of art I create that is fair game. The rest of this document goes into my intentions for putting my work in the Creative Commons and some guidelines I'd appreciate if you followed:


If you pirate my music, I won't do anything about that. You likely either don't have the means to purchase it or you're a little dumb because it's free to stream just about everywhere.

Remixes and sampling are encouraged! Go for it. I'll even be happy to help if you need stems, just @ me or send a DM.

Video and Still Images

Videos will mainly be on YouTube. I want to be able to monetize that so if you mirror a video I published there and it's not part of a critique or transformative, then I don't approve of that. I have no issue with anyone taking clips of videos or even transforming entire videos into other works of art. That's totally fine. You can probably see the pattern by now.


Any code I publish will be free and open source. You'll just have to scrub my identifying info from it. Basically, don't impersonate me. Use the stuff and if it's a web app that you deploy then just stick your name on it instead of mine. Each codebase will have its own license so be sure to check that because there's always sublicensing issues to deal with there.

Text Content

Don't republish blog posts as your own. Take parts of them, share them, use them, but just don't rip me off.

Bottom Line

Be a good person and do the right thing. Also, sieze the means of production if you can. Unionize. Start a worker coop instead of an LLC. Vote for the least harmful politician and build dual power structures at the same time because there is no major political party in the United States that cares about the working class. And remember, the color of your collar doesn't determine how working class you are. It's whether you have ownership over the means of production. Is someone extracting more value from your labor than what you're paid? Then you're working class, comrade. Do you own a business and hoard your profits for yourself while your employees get the crumbs? Then that's a problem.

I hope you get some enjoyment from my art.