Are SSD backup drives worth the cost?

Yes, this isn't exactly an exciting topic but I need something here while I build out the site and I got a new backup SSD today.

In music production they say if you don't have at least 3 copies of a file then it doesn't exist. So I use Time Machine on my Mac to backup to an external 2TB portable hard drive. I then have two additional external drives that hold backups of my field recordings, samples, OP-1 patches & packs, sample packs and patches for the Volca Sample and FM, impulse responses, and a ton more. That stuff is pure gold to me but the files are huge sometimes and it takes forever to transfer them for backups or just to use them. I needed a solid state drive.

I got the Samsung T7 (a blue 1TB model) today and I am very pleased but it's not all it's cracked up to be. Read and write speeds are blazing over the USB-C connection. I'm thinking of getting more of these to replace my HDD backup drives as well as one to directly work from. The drive is so fast I could easily keep Logic Pro's built-in content on the external drive and use it from there. I may even try working on project that being recorded directly from the Samsung SSD. So in that regard, this thing is amazing.

The problem comes in when transferring files from elsewhere. An SD card is only going to have a 100MB/s read speed at most and even if you're transferring from a USB 3 device, if you have more than 5GB worth of data then you're in for a wait. It took 5 minutes to transfer 30GB worth of field recordings from one of my HDD backup drives to the T7 and even if I was just importing directly from my Tascam field recorder it would still be just as slow or slower because that's using an SD card internally.

As far as I know, there's no way around the long wait times when initially backing up files from field recorders and USB 3 devices. But if you're transferring directly from your internal storage or from one SSD to another, then that's where you'll get the benefits of having a fast SSD. In my case, I'm only getting the benefits of the speed if I start using T7s for all of my secondary and tertiary backups.

The T7 does get quite hot if you're doing sustained transfers so working directly off of it may not be worth it. I suppose I'll report back later. I guess this is good enough for a first post. I'll have something more interesting to say next time.

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