Second Story Studios

(Originally written on June 6, 2023)

I’ve been working on a new album since the winter of 2022. There are over 20 songs finished however, those songs no longer reflect who I am and where I’m at now. And now there’s something new on the horizon: I’m moving to a new home which will have its own dedicated studio space.

No, not a spare bedroom studio space. This is a separate building that will be dedicated to writing and recording music. It’ll be called it Second Story Studios. I call it that because it’s located on the second floor of the building and it’s the second story in my life as a father, a husband, an artist.

There’s a space for an office/control room, separate tracking space for guitar and drum tracking, and a small vocal booth. This is a space where you can record out loud, mic’d up, rather than through load boxes and cab sims. It gives me the ability to play harder, louder, and make more mistakes in the process because of the freedom that privacy gives you. This means a change in sound and the ability to get closer to the original vision of what The Darph was imagined to be.

What happens to all those songs written last year? I may release them exclusively to my subscribers on Bandcamp. They’ll come out but not as part of any official discography. And because things are going to be different, especially at first, there’s a chance I release music under a different name so that the expectations, history, and baggage of The Darph doesn’t have to define what comes out. Lunar Moon may start up again now that I’m in a better head space but that’s still a project that requires a lot of time and rigorous planning.

When you read this, I’ll have moved into the new space and will post a mix of updates regarding how the build happened, where the new music is headed, and some random thoughts in general.

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