In a brand new studio I personally built with a spacious live room and separate control room. I can play as loud as I want, can finally record out loud, it’s all perfect. So of course I can’t write at the moment. I wonder why. I’ve got plenty of material, plenty of inspiration, but the minute I get into the studio I can’t get anything out.

I think it’s the very thing that was supposed to help me, that I worked hard for and was excited about that is hurting my ability to write and record. The workflow is different. It’s more work to set levels and make sure the mics aren’t picking up room noise. It’s weird to be one person in the live room trying to track with a headphone extension cable and Logic Remote on an iPad.

It’s just a weird fucking way to do things. It’s new for me. Add to that the fact that monitoring on speakers instead of headphones really makes every shitty harmonic and tiny bit of clipping stand out like a sore thumb.

How do you solve writers block? Nobody knows. There’s a lot of great advice out there, none of it works consistently. All I know is you just keep at it, try some shit, and hopefully the stars align eventually and you actually make a record for once. Sometimes it’s a matter of building some momentum and riding it.

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