A Short Break

Normally when I embark on a new recording session I know what the record is about. This time around I’m a little lost. I am taking my time and I don’t plan to have it finished until next year (but if you’re looking for something sooner don’t worry, I have 3 releases I’m in the process of mixing and mastering now).

Whenever I’m in this situation I find it’s always best to take a step back and reset. So I will be forcing myself to not pick up any instruments for the next week and just let life happen. I’m going to make an effort to be present and document the sounds and images all around me. I have my field recorder handy along with my vintage Sony cassette-corded. I’ll be carrying those two things around with me and working on creating a new set of samples to load into my OP-1, OP-Z, and other sequencers.

I’m also working on filling out the resource hub here so when I have some samples I will start uploading them and it’ll be a good time. But for now, making music and writing songs is just not flowing like it should. So I’ll be back soon with some cool samples followed by the LPs I recorded over this past summer and then I’ll get back to writing my newest album.