Free downloads of all Darph releases

I want to make my music as accessible as possible. I want people to sample it, remix it, or just listen to it. With that in mind, what would you think of having a dedicated page here on the website where you could download lossless versions of all my releases including some alternate takes, unreleased tracks, and demos?

I realize that you could stream all my music for free or buy FLAC copies of all my albums in Bandcamp for just $7 so before I do anything like this I want to ask you if this would be something you’d want? You’d get a royalty free download with the inky condition being that you don’t profit off it unless you transform it or use it in your own work in some meaningful way.

Is that worth doing? If so, what file format(s) should be part of this? And is there any specific content besides the final mastered audio from each album I should consider putting online for free?