Light Casts Shadows: a Lunar Moon x The Darph Production

Hey there, friend. You may have seen me over on Twitter talking about Lunar Moon or occasionally mentioned it in a blog post or weekly VIP exclusive video. There may be some confusion as to who Lunar Moon is and what they have to do with Light Casts Shadows which is a brand new multimedia musical experience that I, The Darph, am helping to produce with Lunar Moon.

Just to be clear, I, the person behind The Darph, is the same person who is Lunar Moon. Why create a totally different artist and persona for this project? Well, that's a good questions and it's answered over on the Light Casts Shadows production log so be sure to head over there for a full explanation.

For now, the short answer is that we're the same physical person but working as two distinct artists. Head on over there for a more in depth explanation of it all.

One more thing…

Here's a short preview of what *Lunar Moon is working on. This is a mashup of a bunch of behind the scenes content you can get more of in the Darph VIP membership section. It'll start to make more sense as the project gets going.