How to stream the two new LPs (Metastasis and Revelation) for free all this month before they hit the streaming services

I promised to release three albums this year. It’s mid-November and I’ve only released one so far. I’m not pushing out the release dates of the new albums and, in fact, I’m going to let anyone who wants to have a hand in the creative process play a role in their final mix over the course of the next six weeks. Here’s how:

Follow The Darph on TikTok and you’ll get a notification a couple times a week that I’ve gone live, usually on a weekend but it could be on a weekday. The next Live streams I do after today will be dedicated to mixing and mastering the music that I’m set to release. You’ll be able to listen to every song and help me make mixing decisions as I go about the process of mixing the album.

You’ll get to see what I’m doing in Logic and help decide what mixing decisions to make. I’ll probably need to record some bass lines as well so any bassists with tips should definitely show up. So if you’re into music and you want to collaborate on making an album join my upcoming live streams where we’ll mix each song and get them ready for mastering. There are only six weeks left in the year and there are two records I want released before the new year which means I’ll be working quickly to get these out before January 1st 2021. Metastasis will be a Christmas Day release and Revelation on New Years Eden.

If you’re into learning how to DIY your own mixes/master, are a fan of The Darph, or just want to be part of the music making process then be sure to follow me on TikTok and be part of the album release process.

It’ll be fun. Hope to see you all there.