New releases pushed back

A few months back I said there’d be a new release out in July. That isn’t happening now. There are actually three LPs that are fully recorded and ready to go but they just need to be mixed and mastered before they get a release.

The thing that’s been holding them up is that I seem to not be able to stop creating more music which is taking time away from the mixing and mastering process.

Right now I’m pretty much spent as far as new music goes. I do have an urge to record more songs and I’ve been trying but this time I really am ready to take a break and just sit down to do some mixing and start releasing these albums. I won’t put an exact date on them but they will come out before the end of summer.

First, I’ll be putting out Sleep & Relief which is an album I wrote and recorded late last winter and ended in late February. It’s a return to the sounds of Growns and avoids but with some extra flair that you can hear in the Kokomo series. That will come out first.

Then I’ll be releasing Metastasis which I recorded from March through May and is about the idea that America is “returning to normal” after the pandemic but really we are still sick with a disease of the mind and soul which is only getting worse. I expect that to come out a few weeks after Sleep & Relief. This is an album that uses more sequencers and synths than previous albums and they’re used better than I have in the past.

Revelat ion will follow Metastasis and is an electronic album with lots of guitars to add some interest. I couldn’t say what it’s about but there’s something in there about coming to a realization. The sound is similar to Metastasis but builds incrementally on its sound.

Finally, Meditations will come out last, likely in the fall. This is going to be a purely experimental sound collage album that I recorded entirely on a Tascam 4-track. This one is light on guitars and has a very lofi sound because of the tools I used to record. The songs are long and they won’t be for everyone. I’d like to release it this summer but it’ll probably come out in the fall.

I’m sorry for the broken release promises but I am working on these records and they will all come out this year. I haven’t released anything this year yet which is not normal for me and I’ll definitely be releasing at least three albums this year. So stay tuned and I’ll be back soon with more music for you to listen to.