Rest - a work in progress

Lately I’ve been doing TikTok Live streams of myself recording music for a new album coming out next year. You can listen to my latest work in progress, Rest, here.

This is the third song written for the second half of the album (the first half has an unbelievable 25 songs recorded for it already) and the theme of it is just as the title implies: rest. The song is meant to take you on a journey from being tired to then settling down to rest, then having your mind begin racing which keeps you awake for a bit, then you get sleepy and finally doze off.

Being instrumental, I do my best to create an atmosphere and a vibe that communicate the ideas these songs are about without words. In the end, however, if my music makes you feel anything, moves you in any way, or even is useful to you as background noise I feel I’ve done my job.

Hopefully you enjoy this preview of some of my upcoming work and keep in mind that it’ll be far more polished when I finally finish the album, likely in late January 2022.