Revelation Sessions

It’s been a crazy year and I’ve been recording music faster than I could release it. Now it’s time to slow down and take a break. I’ve been working hard nightly to mix and master the songs I’ve already recorded and release them before focusing on recording any new music. In fact, I’m all tapped out. Time for a break. There are around 50 tracks recorded between June of 2021 and now that I’ll be releasing between now and then July.

Only four more songs until the first release is finished. You can expect to a new release in June with three more after that ending around July.

I’ve committed to not record any more music at this time and focus on only releasing what’s already been recorded.

If you’re a subscriber to the VIP Membership area over on Bandcamp you’ll get access to all 9 previously released albums, exclusive songs and videos, as well as all future releases as they come out for just $3 for as long as you’re a subscriber.

Honestly, there is so much I want to give away to my supporters and the music making community for free and with your support I could make this my full time job and be able to devote my entire focus to this endeavor. The minimum subscriber tier is only $3 monthly ($7 if you want to get physical tape release automatically mailed to you when they’re released).

That’s the short version of this update. I have a lot more to say so please do follow me on Twitter where I put out more frequent, easily digestible updates.

Thanks for all your support, see you next time.