Studying Shadows

During this Light Casts Shadows project I'm doing with Lunar Moon, I've come to really expand on the metaphors and allegories I can be using that are shadow related. Below is a look at some of the notes I've been taking on shadows. I don't only study shadows and take notes. I develop characters, rough illustrations, and story outlines there as well. This weekend however I was really inspired as to how many ways I could use shadows as a metaphor for coping with trauma and understanding the nature of our biggest fears and problems in life by simply take pictures of cool shadows and studying them.

Here are some excerpts from my book of notes

Click thumbnails to see full size images in new tab

These are all images I have in my notebook that I study and take notes on to handle the real deal. I'll post full pages from that book soon too. In the meantime, production on the project is beginning concurrently with planning

For even more details and some kind of weird, experimental behind the scenes footage/music videos check out the *Light Casts Shadows *website