Two New Releases Out, the Last of This Year

In the last seven days I released two full length LPs (36 tracks between them) and one four song Bandcamp subscriber-only EP. These are the last releases planned for this year. If I release any more music it'll be totally unplanned but right now I'm focused on the Lunar Moon project Light Casts Shadows. More on that project soon but for now there are 4 full length LPs released this year so you have some catching up to do.

The first of the most recent releases is Radical Extremist. It's about the political atmosphere of late 2020/early 2021 but from the perspective of how it affects one as an individual rather than looking at it from a societal point of view like The Spirit of Things trilogy did. The other release, Are You Who You Want to Be is more personal. It's about introspection and asking yourself the question, 'are you who you want to be'?

Overall the last two or three albums, and to some extent every album this year, has had a certain sound and aesthetic to it. Lots of synths and walls of sounds. That was fun to do but I'm actively moving away from that sound and making a conscious effort to evolve the sound of The Darph. I'll be working hard the next six to nine months on making music in new ways and approaching mixing and mastering in a different way as well. I have a lot to learn when it comes to mixing + mastering so that's an area I'll really be focusing on with the next release.

I hope you guys like the latest releases and I look forward to making something new. By the way, the latest release is on sale for just $4 this week but if you're a VIP member you can get the entire discography plus subscriber-only releases (4 so far) for just $3 per month. Although all my music is on streaming services Bandcamp is the main way I support my work and though subscriptions cost less than albums they really help support the music long term by helping to provide a more steady income stream.

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