Sleep & Relief is out now

Sleep & Relief, the first of 3 releases planned for this year is out now on Bandcamp and will be available on every streaming service starting August 5th.

This record was recorded during the depths of last winter and is a reflection of my feelings of isolation, loneliness, and general melancholy. It was a traumatic year and when I finally had a chance to catch my breath these slow waves of sadness and doom overwhelmed me.

I’m currently mixing and mastering the other two releases and plan for them to be out in September and October. I’m also recording another album which is an addendum to the Kokoro series. Part 4 will be a sort of epilogue and reflects on the aftermath of what we all experienced in 2020.

You can stream or download Sleep & Relief on Bancamp now or stream it on your favorite streaming app starting August 5th (use the streaming link to pre-save on Spotify if you’re here before August 5th).