I didn’t mean to write a concept double album but here we are. The Radical Extremist sessions have produced 25 songs plus two more that I feel fall under the umbrella of a part 2 to the overall arc of the story being told by the album.

Radical Extremist (which is a working title, not the final name of the album) is sort of the soundtrack to this weird dystopia we live in. It takes elements of late stage capitalism and the last two years of the pandemic and creates an atmospheric set of music that you can watch the world burn to.

Wellness is the second part of this album. It continues where Radical Extremist left off but the music takes a different direction. It uses simpler instrumentation and arrangements. It’s more folk-pop and really contrasts with its companion album. In theory, both parts of the album are serving the same function but they’re just doing it in very different ways. Radical Extremist sounds somewhat robotic, experimental, futuristic, and haunting because of its use of synths and other instrumentation. Wellness will do the same but have a more human feel to it being written around very traditional sounding rock guitar and drum sequencers.

I plan to record the music during late December 2021 and finish it in early 2022.

Meanwhile I am working on mixing and mastering both Metastasis and Revelation. It’s going to be weird because they’ll both be released in December 2021 so the promotion and marketing on them are going to be tough but I committed to releasing 3 albums this year and so far I’ve released one plus an extra experimental LP. Then in 2022, after Radical Extremist/Wellness is released I’ll be taking a good long break from writing long albums and focus more on other kinds of content which I’ll talk more about another time and will hopefully entertain, inform, or otherwise satisfy the small but enthusiastic Darph fan base I’ve been building up over the past few months.