Take what you need

This is a place where I will be putting different resources up for other artists or really anyone to use freely. That includes things like entire Logic session files, samples, links to helpful learning resources, or even things like obscure manuals for cassette players. Anything that I've generated in the process of creating art and can legally share with others I will host here.

The only condition is that you do not pass off my own work as your own or try to profit from it without making some transformative change to the work first. So that means you can use a song of mine in a video, no problem. You can't just re-release a song I've released and call it yours though. You can use my samples in your music free with no issues. You can't collect my samples then charge someone else for them. Get the idea?

If you want to contribute to this project get in touch using the social links at the bottom of every page or send an email.

Music Making Resources